Tim Katherine & Lydia

Tim Katherine & Lydia

Thursday, May 26, 2011


Start at the end of this post and it will make a bit more sense.

This picture makes us laugh! We were just walking up the way heading back when Lydia darted for this window. She was pointing and Oohing until we forced her to move on. It was totally a toddler thing to do. And the weird part is, is that she has no idea what any of those candies taste like! We never give her candy!

I remember riding on one of these!

Virginia City was fun to go to. Its totally a cowboy town you see in the older movies. Of course now made for tourists.
When we stayed to long though this is what we got... a little whine and a pulling on the pants till we started moving.

I think one of the funnest things we did was swim in the out side pool. It was heated perfectly.

Our hotel was on top of a giant casino and often Lydia and I wandered through it so get to our destination. It was neat to see, not so great to linger though. We like the smoking laws in Utah.

This is our second conference we had in Reno, NV. This is our hotel obviously.

Yes, they are 1/3 the size of a watermelon. Tim painted pictures of some of our biggest adventures thus far of our marriage and I just doodled a love path that we like to follow.

Our 5Th Anniversary was great! We happened to show up at the Texas Roadhouse at the same time our good friends Chuck & Stacie were there for dinner, so we ate together! It was fun! We went to Color Me Mine were we each painted a BIG mug for our future ice cream, hot choc, soup, etc. moments. ^

Easter was fun inside for it was raining. Its funny to see how often she still plays with her eggs.

Lydia loved that we "dressed up" and got to squish the "yummy" stuff as she can now say. Also you can see the progress of our remodel!

Lydia is experienced in so many things. I'm not afraid of making messes with her. I like to create learning experiences and good memories, so this time we made sugar cookies!

We spend Sundays with Tim's family, mostly his parents who live around the corner. Lydia adores her Grandpa Hereth, their relationship is precious!

We have 3 conferences to go to this year. (for Tim's job) The first started in Logan, UT. It snowed heavily almost the whole time we were up there so we were inside the Hotel, car, or store for entertainment. Continental breakfast was some what of entertainment we looked forward to as a family. We still had a great time though!

She loved her cake and so did Tim :)

Lydia turned 1 a few weeks after Tim's birthday! I made her a Giant Cup Cake for her to dig into...^

Tim is 28! He requests every year for Apple Crisp instead of cake or pie and from experience the candles don't stand up very well in it for the way I make it.

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The Boyce's said...

Update overload is right! :) I loved it! Can't believe Lydia is a year old! She's so dang cute! And that's fun that you get to go to the conferences with Tim!