Tim Katherine & Lydia

Tim Katherine & Lydia

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Orem or Spanish Fork... hmm, which one, which one...

July 23, 2008 2:00PM I was sitting at work nervous as can be to hear of some life changing information from Tim. Wondering if i was going to find out at work or if i was going to have to wait until I got home. 2:03PM came as i decided to look at my phone just in case he happened to call when I then notice that i received a Text Message. My heart speed as i rushed to open the message... it WAS from Tim!
A few weeks before this intense moment i was of course sitting here at work, doing my job when I received an email from Tim telling me about this "MAG" job up in Orem. MAG stands for Mountainland Association of Governments. Yes, its a Government job. He stated in his email that he about had teary eyes when he found this posting for it fits his interests and his qualifications perfectly! So he applied and had his first interview with them on Monday the 21Th of July. He said that he thinks that it went well and that they would probably call him in about a week or so for a second interview. They ended up calling him the following day on Tuesday to see when they can set up the second interview. They scheduled it for Wednesday the 23.
My wonderful, wonderful, husband who graduated with his Bachelors in December and has been prayerfully applying to many different places to finally get a job worth his while and interest, informed me that he got the job. The second interview according to Tim was basically a "tell us about yourself and how would you like to work with us"
He starts officially August 18Th.
We are both so excited for the changes that will soon take place. Yes, we are looking for a house. We are not yet sure where we will buy one though. His job is in Orem off of 800 north, but we are currently living in Spanish Fork and LOVE IT! So, we will see.
I am so proud of him!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I figured because i have had SO MANY requests to update our blog, then i thought that I would. Unfortunately I am writing this at work, therefore cannot upload some pictures. Boo hoo.

I am not very good at writing about my life, i feel i do better speaking to someone face to face. In fact, i would prefer speaking to someone face to face! Though understanding that everyone that i would like to speak to, does not have the time for a phone conversation (nor do i) i have this blog. The question is... What do i say?

I am a Provo, UT born; Othello, WA raised; 21 year old, oldest of 8 siblings, wife of 2 years now, no kids, and college student at Utah Valley University for P.E. & P. R. (outdoors), MSR @ UCCU, Relief Society Teacher, Single Adult Leader, and daughter of God. Now what am i missing...

Timothy Edward Hereth is my husband. He is my encourager in life! Never have i met a man with work skills like him, as charitable as him (look at the meaning of charity, you know that there isn't a better word to decribe that personality) He is my protector, my gardian (truly! his skills in karate are so confident and careful) He is very smart and SO MUCH fun! Also funny! haha, very funny! He is romantic... oh, his eyes are... an eternal blue...

WOW, sorry! I totally got lost in my daydream! Haha!
Tim was born in Salina, Kansas (which i finally got to tour last week!) He lived a few years in Dallas, Texas and was raised mostly in Spanish Fork, Utah. He turned 25 in March and is the youngest of 8 siblings (the baby) He proposed to me on Janurary 23, 2006 after dating for 5 months and we were sealed in the Columbia River Temple May 5, 2006. He graduated from the University of Utah this last December in Geography. He just finished up an internship with Mapleton City and will finish with another at Salt Lake County next month. He has applied to mostly jobs in Utah and Washington (for obvious reasons) and has had many interviews.

We are excited for a change in our lives and now just hoping and praying for that right one to accept us!

Tim shares similar callings with me in the ward. He is a teacher in Priesthood and is a Single Adult Leader as well. We just finished planning Youth Conference for our ward. That was fun and from what i hear it turned out well! Yes, we were not able to attend that which we planned. Soon after we set the date for YC, Tim's extended family decided to do a Reunion in Kansas for Tim's Grandma who is 97 that same weekend. So we did that instead. It was so fun too! I was able to see the houses that my husband was born into and lived in, at the begining of his life! It was great to hear all of the stories and memories from Tim's family. I love having so many older siblings!
Tim loves having so many younger siblings as well (so he tells me anyway) The weekend before his reunion we had my moms side in Idaho. Which was another super fun trip! Haha, as a family we stood together to find out where we place in highth, and haha, my sweet lil'mommy is third to last! hahaha and there is still two sibling to hit their growth sperts! I just LOVE IT!

Anyways, i will hopfully post some pictures soon.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wow, we have just created a blog! I think i like this!