Tim Katherine & Lydia

Tim Katherine & Lydia

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My Thoughts Latley

Cauliflower is probably my favorite veggie to eat.
I do not like to sweep or put the laundry away but I don't mind everything else.
My favorite smells are: soil, home cooked bread, rain, Tim,...
Scrap booking is definitely not one of my skills, but I love to make cards.
I love LoVe LOVE my jeans.
Just a few minutes... Just a few more minutes...
Check. Check. Check...
This computer chair hurts me, but I am grateful for it.


Lydia wasn't sure why we would set up the camera, step back, then just look at it; overall i loved how our winter pictures turned out! I just wish there was snow around us at the time.

Our Christmas card! I actually liked our clutter card this year! I didn't know if we would but It covers a good hand full of memories and makes it a great way to remember the year we had!

Lydia at 9 months. I took this picture in my family room, can you believe it?

Lydia loves her books! What more can I say.

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Sean and Summer said...

so cute. I can't believe she's already 9 months!